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Opening the Manipura Sanctum: First Offerings, a performance by Smita Sen

Smita Sen

July 2, 2021, 5:00 – 6:00pm

46 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Activating the Sanctum as a site of gathering and collective healing, Smita Sen offers a simple ceremony of offerings. These first offerings honor the foundations of the land, express gratitude for those who have been a part of the work and those to come, and root the Sanctum’s evolution as a contemplative environment.

The Manipura Sanctum, by artist Smita Sen, is a metamorphosing installation is devoted to caregivers of all styles, and to communing with the public about the realities of community-driven healthcare. The Sanctum is a realm that not only praises care providers, but undertakes the labor of generating public wellness. It offers balance, attention, and regeneration to all visitors who cross its threshold and seek relief in its embrace.

From June 29 – August 10, the public is encouraged to make appointments to enter the Sanctum, meeting either Recess staff members or with the artist directly. The public may also contribute to the Sanctum via meditation sittings and events throughout the Session. Performances by Sen, Lavender Suarez, and Trina Basu Ramamurthy are public offerings that will punctuate Sen’s Session, beginning with an honorific initiation and ending with a dedication for all who have been a part of The Manipura Sanctum.

Part of the Recess Session program.