Wet Slipper

Wednesday, August 18 2010. Beginning at 7:30 am, Spirit Tours will launch a new piece at Recess in response to a recent divination. Throughout the project, Spirit Tours has taken cues from a large premonition projecting skull in the back of LOGSHOWROOM. The most recent premonition — “MERCHANDISE, WATERFALL, HOTHOUSE“ — struck a chord in the midst of the heat wave.

Spirit Tours will interpret this reading to find some relief from the dog days of summer. Visitors should come prepared to shed their street grime in the sweat lodge and then don a custom bathing suit to be reborn riding a log through the flume ride rapids. And don’t forget to get your heat transfermative image on a T-SHIRT! OK!

Thanks to everyone who has made the Spirit Tours LOGSHOWROOM a model of entrepreneurial spirit in the experience economy!

p.s. Shelby, your T-Shirt is ready.