The winners of the 2010 raffle are in!

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to Recess during our year-end fundraiser!

Scroll through to see the lucky winners. If you find your name among them, get in touch to claim your prize!

EVERYONE who gave $25 and above will receive a very special Valentine’s Day candy gram: a Reese’s from Recess! Come by our space to grab your treat or email us and we’ll send it to the loved one of your choice, sealed with a Recess kiss.

Winners: you know who you are, come visit and grab your treat!

STINA P gets that dream to have a University building named after her almost fulfilled. Stina, the homemade bathroom door at Recess will bear your name forever.

SETH G is the winner of a very special prize. Recess Program Manager, Maia Murphy and her coconspirator, Rachel, will dress your pet (or your friend’s pet) as the art history figure of your choice and photograph the results. For examples of their work, visit the New Yorker.

PHYLLIS H-S & FAMILY (ESPECIALLY JESSICA) get a limited edition digital collage from The Brown Bear artists A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard.

RUTH L wins a limited edition, signed, archival film still from Kara Hearn’s TREMENDOUS.

JOSH K gets a limited-edition, archival, side by side diptych print by the very first Recess artists, Corin Hewitt & Molly McFadden.

And finally, JACOB B gets Recess Director, Allison Weisberg, to serenade the loved one of his choice on Valentines Day, 2011. For a detailed account of her unique vocal skills, just ask former artist in Session, Kara Hearn for a video clip.