On March 6th, coinciding with a day of open interviews for Liz Magic Laser’s Bystander, artists Laura Cooper and Lucia Hinojosa, who are also collaborators on Bystander, will present recent works at Recess. Cooper will present A HUNT SOHOBITCHPACK, a video and installation. Hinojosa will show a video piece and host readers from her recent editorial project diSONARE. The reading will be from 6:30-7:30pm.


SOHOBITCHPACK and Laura Cooper
Intervention for Soho / SoHo – London / New York

SOHOBITCHPACK are excited to have found a home from home as they instal remnants of the performance ‘A HUNT’ in Recess’s SoHo New York location. The project ‘A HUNT’ comprised of several performance interventions taking place in the streets of Soho, London from 2011. These performances were documented in video, sound recordings and posters maps and scores that were collated into The Urban Hunting Manual.

The name “Soho” derives from an old English hunting call, an adaption of ‘Seeho’ which when cried in old hunting lingo indicates that a member of the hunt has just seen a hare or a fox in the landscape. In ‘A hunt’, female performers re-enact a fox hunt of sorts, communicating in the semi-linguistic sounds of ancient hunting calls as a instructional code. The aim of the urban HUNT is to reawaken the history of Soho London and find possible contemporary manifestations of a fox or hare, such as the ’20th Century Fox’ building in Soho square or the Intrepid Fox bar on Wardour street. A sound arrangement develops the hunting calls are juxtaposed with the preexisting urban sound environment and create an alternative hunting ritual.

diSONARE@ Recess

diSONARE: readings by contributors George Lee Moore and James Kelly.
6:30-7:30 pm

diSONARE is a bilingual publication devoted to fiction, nonfiction, and art based in Mexico City.

George Lee Moore will be reading his philosophical essay, The Kaleidoscope of Simultaneity, published in diSONARE 01. James Kelly will be presenting his dialogue, Act in Location to History, to be published in diSONARE 02.

Participants’ Information

Laura Cooper is a British artist living in NYC. She completed her MFA at
London’s Slade School of Art, and has conducted residencies at Shrewsbury School (in partnership with the British Arts Council Thailand), SAP South Korea, and iPark, Connecticut. She has recently exhibited at Collyer Bristow Gallery London, IKON Gallery Birmingham, and staged performances at Camden Arts Centre and Tate Britain. In 2013 she presented a solo show at Space In Between Gallery, London, and was a Franklin Furnace Fund Grant recipient. For more information and work see —

Lucía Hinojosa (Mexico City, 1987) is an artist working with video, installation, collage, painting and printmaking. She received a BFA in Visual & Critical Studies at The School of Visual Arts. Her practice explores ways of understanding collective self-perception through sociology, politics, poetry and memory. Lucía is the founder and editor of the art and literature magazine diSONARE.

SOHOBITCHPACK is a fluid group of female hunters, who refer to themselves as bitches in the sense that adult bitches (female dogs) are often the most superior hunters in a pack of fox hounds. The group was instigated by Laura Cooper in 2011 and is currently relocating to SoHo in New York City.