Recess at NADA in Miami: John Miserendino

A preview of Pavilion
December 1-4, 2011

For NADA Miami Beach 2011, John Miserendino will present a preview of Pavilion, a durational performance at Recess in SoHo, set to begin January 2012. For Pavilion, Miserendino will reinterpret Dan Graham’s original plans for his architectural structures. The artist, who sees himself as a collaborator with Graham and other prominent players (who may be unaware of the joint venture) will stage a series of three reenactments to translate existing artworks into personal terms.

During NADA’s 4-day fair, Miserendino will begin the first of these three “collaborations” to make an audio facsimile of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, an album he has never heard. He will rely on visitors’ descriptions of the band and memories of the music to approximate the album, capturing a discarnate likeness of the album rather than a replica.

From a project booth at the fair, Recess will present a series of Miserendino’s paintings that approximate the album cover of Daydream Nation. The booth will also serve as a recording studio in which patrons at the fair will provide the artist with information about the album and personal recollections of the music.

The artist will install his own Pavilion in the lobby of the Deauville Hotel. engage in conversations with visitors that might fill out his vision for the album. Participants will feature voices from artists, curators and dealers that collaborated with Sonic Youth in the late 80s.

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If you are interested in contributing your descriptions or memories of the band to the project and would like to set up a time to be recorded, fill out the questions below and we will be in touch.