Recess at Dependent Art Fair

Friday March 4th, 5-9pm at the Sheraton Hotel located at 160 W. 25th Street.  Recess is proud to be amongst the participants in the Dependent Art Fair. Recess will feature A.K. Burns & Katherine Hubbard: The Brown Bear Inverts and Interiors and a performance by Kenya (Robinson).

A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard

The Brown Bear: Inverts and Interiors

Courtesy of the artists:

Private Cuts. Live feed. All welcome.

The Brown Bear is a series of migrating site-specific salons. Free body-hair cuts provided. No Appointment necessary.

I think we stayed in three of them over the course of the weeks. One I can remember distinctly if I think about the humping sounds and the iterations of others heard clear as day through open windows and walls alike. One I can recall if I think about you and how much I really love you when I love you. Silk shirt faint with the hint of thrift store and you matched the bed sham which matched the curtain behind you. You walked into the narrative of that room like it had been waiting for you. Since 1971. The first and last year the sculptures were shown until now. I heard they were considered lost for a spell which is hard to imagine given their size. All lost except of course the one that was bought, open to air in a home, privately owned. It glows still but darker and heavier than the rest. It’s dingy though surprisingly intact with every slow fold maintaining the gravity of its curing point.

Kenya (Robinson)

The Inflatable Mattress

The artist will spend the night with the guests of the Sheraton as part of her ongoing performance The Inflatable Mattress. Read more about the project here.


The Sheraton Hotel
160 W 25th St New York, NY 10011
Friday, March 4, 5-9pm
See you in room 1208!