FCKNLZ Reception


Congratulations! On 11.11.11 FCKNLZ will be celebrating the once in a lifetime alignment of the opening of the divine portal, the FULL MOON, and Veterans Day.

Do you know who you are? Do you value your vibration?

Now is the time to set sail with your new spiritual soul mates. The LIMO will pick you up at Carroll Street F/G stop in Brooklyn and deliver you to Recess at Kidd Yellin Gallery in beautiful Red Hook. Enjoy crafts, refreshments, and the indoor fire. A preview of our work from the first five weeks of our residency at Recess will be displayed.
The limo will run between the train and the gallery approximately every twenty minutes from 7:40-11:30pm. Look for the person holding a bottle of Qream and a “just married” sign.

Can you feel the shift?


Recess at Kidd Yellin
133 Imlay Street in Brooklyn NY
Or limo from Carroll Stop F/G
8 pm – 11:11:11