dueodde beach

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a note from past Session artist David Horvitz:

(there is a beach on the danish island of borhnolm
it’s at the southern most tip of the island
dueodde beach
it is known for its sand
which is so fine
that it was once sought after by hourglass makers)

a box of sand from dueodde beach was mailed from copenhagen to new york city to be used as a small edition for a dinner benefit for recess in red hook, brooklyn.

there is some leftover sand that did not make it inside the editions.

If you send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to:

(for time)
41 Grand Street
New York NY 10013

some sand will be mailed back to you in your envelope. if you don’t live in the us and can’t put return postage on the envelope, just send a self-addressed-unstamped-envelope. maybe someone will be nice. this will happen until there is no more sand.

in an hourglass the displacement of sand is the image of time passing. of duration. (can something in motion be an image? something simultaneously disappearing in one place and appearing in another?) imagine the the postal system as one giant hourglass, with sand moving within it, with time passing. i don’t want to send you sand in an envelope, i want to send you time.