Christine Sun Kim Feedback: VVAVE (3 of 6)

Christine Sun Kim
with collaborators John Andrew and Aliza Simons

Feedback: VVAVE (3 of 6)
March 14th – 18th, 2012

Mid-way point reception:
March 17th, 6-8 pm
With continuous 72-hour broadcasting beginning midnight March 15, 2012. 

“The wave…is the only visible embodiment of what physicists tell us all matter is composed of.” —David Milch

On March 16th, Christine Sun Kim will initiate a live and continuous 72-hour radio and internet broadcast as the third event in, Feedback, her six-part Session at Recess. Session invites artists to use its public space as studio, exhibition venue and grounds for experimentation.

The artist, deaf since birth, will perform auditory investigations that initiate a slippage of audio into visual. Using non-vocal methods of dialogue to form collaborative vision with visitors to Recess and a cast of collaborators, the artist will create multiple aural perceptions through the use of bodies in motion, microphones, delay pedals, and more.

For the third iteration of Feedback, Kim and collaborators John Andrew and Aliza Simons will build a radio tower and transmitter inside Recess, extending the architecture beyond its physical presence into broadcasted space. The group will transmit pre-recorded and live noises, sounds, and voices through radio and live internet streaming for three complete days.

While radio transmission is unseen, it can transmit information located in tangible presences like a cassette tape, CD, photograph, book, newspaper, etc. Rendering a stationary piece of information into a broadcasted pulse, the artists will revive this information through broadcast. Evoking the presence of the information’s past, the message is transmitted beyond its physical limits, lending it a temporary, existence outside traditional time and space.

Broadcast slots open to the public will occur throughout the broadcast; the artists invite visitors to perform or play material—confessions, readings, improvisations, voice-overs of silent movies that will be on hand for viewing—over VVAVE FM. Visitors may also borrow FM radios from Recess, or bring their own, so that they can tune it to VVAVE from inside Recess or while walking nearby.

A reception on March 17th will mark the midway point of the 72-hour broadcast.

Links to tune into VVAVE FM on radio and internet will be posted at on March 16th.

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About the Artists:

Christine Sun Kim lives and works in New York City. She is currently a MFA candidate in Sound/Music at Bard College. Her drawings, sculptures, and performances have been featured in exhibitions/programs, among them are at Recess Activities, Inc., New York; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy; and Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin. She participated in the Youth Insights Artist Residency at Whitney Museum in 2010, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space program in 2009.

John Andrew is a sculptor who uses text and sound as his primary mediums. These sculpted materials manifest themselves in a variety of formats that include; vinyl records, compact discs, three dimensional objects, works on paper, installation, photographs, and books.

These objects, images, and information act as vehicles for attuning or re-tuning ones patterns of perception in relation to the complications of living in an object, image, and information saturated world.

Aliza Simons is a transmission artist, oral historian and musician. A former community radio DJ, she was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 2010 to spend a year studying community radio in Northern Canada, South America and Western Africa. She is currently working with transmission art troika Cough Button on To Scale, a transmission-based opera, which will be performed at Roulette at the Experiments in Opera Festival in May. She is also a member of Varispeed, the experimental performance collective, Why Lie? the band, WHY LIE? the ensemble and a yet-to-be-named duo with percussionist David Grollman.