Bystander at The Kitchen

Developed over the course of her Session through a series of interviews with journalists and members of the public, Liz Magic Laser's Bystander performances, which will take place at The Kitchen, stages an inverted dialogue between television news and its viewers. Professional newscasters, including NY1’s Roger Clark, former WWOR-TV reporter Maria Trice and former KEYT-TV weatherman Jon Wright, will perform 2014 news highlights interwoven with the personal stories of New Yorkers collected from nearly a hundred interviews. Actors Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Annie Fox and Michael Wiener will contribute news reports as if they were voicing personal opinions. By re-contextualizing the television news scenario as theatrical dialogue, Laser lays bare the mechanisms at play in the presentation and reception of current events.


On March 6th, coinciding with a day of open interviews for Liz Magic Laser’s Bystander, artists Laura Cooper and Lucia Hinojosa, who are also collaborators on Bystander, will present recent works at Recess. Cooper will present A HUNT SOHOBITCHPACK, a video and installation. Hinojosa will show a video piece and host readers from her recent editorial project diSONARE. The reading will be from 6:30-7:30pm.