Bell to Bells

This was a French bell made in 1742. The bell was melted down at a German foundry.

David Horvitz: Let Us Keep Our Own Noon

September 20, 21, 22 – local noon (12:49pm) NY Art Book Fair MoMaPS1 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY David Horvitz and Recess present Let Us Keep Our Own Noon, a project begun during the artist's Session, In Search of a Longitude. Let Us Keep Our Own Noon is a performance that de-standardizes time and stretches it across 271 years, 47 individuals and 1 art book fair. Let Us Keep Our Own Noon is a phrase found in a late 19th century pamphlet protesting the standardization of time. For the performance, Horvitz found a bell that once rung the hours of the day. This was a French bell made in 1742. The bell was melted down at a German foundry. All of its metal was formed into 47 small hand-bells. These bells, each held by one person, will be rung at local noon each day of the New York Art Book Fair. Performers will gather together and ring the bells as if the old bell still existed. They will then disperse into fair, fragmenting, falling out of sync, re-distributing time throughout the space.  See photos of the bell being melted. About the artist: David Horvitz is an artist from California and currently resides in Brooklyn. Recess and David Horvitz are looking for 47 performers to ring the bells! The performance will be short, about 10 minutes, and will require less than an hour's commitment each day. Performers will gather be thanked with lunch donated by Fitzcarraldo (the new endeavor by owners of Rucola) and Blue Bottle Coffee. Performers who can commit to all three days will be invited to a private dinner & performance at Recess at a date TBD. For information or questions about participating, contact To perform, please sign up here:

Laurel Ptak: (to be updated over time)

August 2013. Written in parallel with David Horvitz: In Search of a Longitude, Penelope Umbrico: In Search of a Latitude.