Analog is a digital platform devoted to the exploration of topics that are central to Recess’s work: artistic process and public engagement. Since August 2011, Analog has trained its attention on process as it relates to the visibility of artistic labor. In reference to the often-cited proposition that by making the work of creating art visible, artists can assert their roles as workers, Analog invites artists to explore or question the legibility of their status as laborer.
Specifically, Analog prompts a commissioned artist to track a unit of their labor at regular intervals over the course of one year and to render this data visible online. While this program maintains an analog approach to recording process, with artists manually inputting all information, it takes advantage of its digital platform to engage local, national, and international audiences in a conversation that is urgent within today’s landscape.
Chloë Bass’s Obligation to Others Holds Me in My Place  is the current Analog project.
The residency takes place at: