Take a tour of We Buy White Albums

Session artist Rutherford Chang, in conversation with Recess's Maia Murphy, takes viewers on a tour of his project at Recess.

Gillian Young: Pausing Form: Stills from a Hurricane

January 2013. Written in parallel with

Looking Back at 2012

From impassioned performances, to defiant discoveries, 2012 marked a memorable year at Recess.

We Buy White Albums: Rutherford Chang

On January 7, 2013, Rutherford Chang will begin work on We Buy White Albums, as part of Recess’ signature program, Session. Session invites artists to use Recess’ public space as studio, exhibition venue, and grounds for experimentation. Pursuing an interest in exhaustive cataloguing, Chang has collected over 650 first-pressings of the Beatles’ White Album. He considers the serialized first-press, an edition running in excess of 3 million, to be the ultimate collector’s item, and aims to amass as many copies as possible. Over the course of his Session, Chang will create an archive, listening library, and anti-store to house and grow his collection of the Beatles’ iconic record.

Recess in Red Hook

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