TY-LöR A. BORING, SANDWICHES: A TOPOGRAPHY OF TASTE THIS SATURDAY: 11.27.10 noon – 6pm **BB IS CLOSED THIS THURSDAY & FRIDAY** Explore the five singular notes of the taste spectrum; hot, sour, salty, sweet, and umami as they are isolated and built into complex aspects. This experience celebrates the particular peculiarity of taste making time for the tongue. Throughout the day Ty-lör will be available for private guided conversation that isolates taste as the locus for emotional resonance and desire. Walk away with a very personal sandwich. ---------------------

CYRUS SAINT AMAND POLIAKOFF at The Brown Bear Saturday Salon

ANIMALICS by CYRUS SAINT AMAND POLIAKOFF THIS SATURDAY: 11.20.10 noon - 6pm An exploration of musk animals. We will investigate the aromatic molecules excreted by many of our tiny friends: the musk deer, civet, rock hyrax, stinkpot, and beaver. Activities include, transforming into animals, scenting landscapes, and lateral muskings. Musk gland transplant sessions available by appointment only. Non-surgically invasive options for drop-in appointments depending on availability. Please email cyrus.saint@gmail.com to schedule appointments or stop by anytime from 12-6 to explore the world of animals and scent.

The Brown Bear on Art Forum

T.J. Carlin reviews A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard: The Brown Bear in the critics pick section of artforum.com.  Click through to read the article. 

SERGEI TCHEREPNIN at The Brown Bear Saturday Salon

SERGEI TCHEREPNIN, QUEER WALK THIS SATURDAY: 11.13.10 noon - 6pm Your ears are invited to imagine new colors ///// All day sound emissions from walls of the triangle /// A sound filled pleasure dome /// sound masks /// a queer ringing from a bucket hat /// customized ear/brain massages /// i-dosers /// a queer balance /// a guided walk through the sound /////

MPA at The Brown Bear Saturday Salon

"Channel ONE" by MPA THIS SATURDAY: 11.6.10 noon - 6pm Saturday's program: 3 loud acts 3 quiet acts 1 invisible act 2 TV monitors play the days program at THE BROWN BEAR salon. All acts are live. A video feed sends the signals of these acts to viewing and doing salonites. Unpublic programming and with private interests, this is an experiment conducted by MPA and friends.