The Brown Bear Saturday Salon: Corrine Fitzpatrick

Corrine Fitzpatrick: WRAP VOICE AROUND VOICE LIKE A CURVE Saturday, October 30, 2010. 12p - 6p. Poet Corrine Fitzpatrick invites you to spend this Saturday reading, speaking, thinking & listening from within the stacks of The Brown Bear. Directed tasks and language games will unfold throughout the day, as friends and strangers trade each others' utmost attention. Voices read and voices heard will fold into a brand new poem, to be written in situ and added to the shelves.


  For those who want to feel truly overwhelmed by grand emotion, come see Kara Hearn's TREMENDOUS¬† on the giant silver screen this Saturday, October 23rd,¬† at Tribeca Cinemas.

Recess at Exit Art with Art Table

October 22nd, 6pm. In conjunction with Exit Art's Alternative Histories, Recess's Founding Director, Allison Weisberg, discusses alternative practices during Art Table's Alternative Curatorial Strategies Panel. How do you define "alternative" and where is it? Come join the discussion:

Join us for the closing reception

Join us tomorrow, Thursday October 7th,  for a closing reception to celebrate Abigail DeVille's Dark Star and Deville Cohen's Lace. Festivities from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.