Fall Session Application Online

Recess is pleased to announce our third open call for applications. Additional information about Recess and our signature program, Session, can be found in the Apply section. Please be sure to read all submission criteria carefully before submitting your material. Feel free to contact us at info@recessart.org with questions. Applications forms as well as all uploaded material must be submitted by September 15, 2010. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spirit Beans by Spirit Tours

Come to Recess and mention Spirit Beans at any point during the Spirit Tours 11 Session, and Dave or Seeb will paint your portrait on a Peruvian Lima, free of charge. To learn more about Spirit Beans, check out the video after the jump!

Spend your witching hour with Spirit Tours 11.

Recess invites you to the first leg of Spirit Tours 11 entitled: Premonition, which is set to take place this Saturday morning July 17 at precisely 2AM (that’s very very late Friday night, alternate side parking sign logic applies). This sculptural event will present individualized readings from the digi-ether that may reveal what the future has in store. Don’t forget to make mention of Spirit Beans to have Dave or Seeb paint your portrait on a Peruvian Lima, free of charge.