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RSVP for Community Braiding Workshop

May 23rd, 2014



Community Braiding Workshop: June 14
To keep class size intimate, there will be two sessions with identical content.
Session A: 2-3:30 (FULL)
Session B: 4-5:30 (FULL)

Workshop led by: Njoki Gitahi
In conjunction with Nontsikelelo Mutiti: Ruka (To braid/ to knit/ to weave)

The Twist: Flat. Two strand. Out. Up. Down. All around. Come explore this easy technique for arranging natural hair and the endless style variations you can create. Bring a few of your favorite natural hair products or your hair regimen to share with the group.

Njoki is a graduate of the Yale School of Art and works as a graphic designer at IDEO. She will on occasion visit one of the great hair salons in her neighborhood, but she prefers to save the money and experiment with styles in her hot Brooklyn bathroom.

Both sessions are full. Thank you to those who have RSVP’d.

Launch of CAUI Booklets I & II

May 13th, 2014



Join us this Sunday for Creative Hub member, Lydia Xynogala’s, book launch.

Four Seafaces charts the spatial conditions of contemporary Mumbai, probing the interaction between formal patterns and cultural and social practices. The seafaces, where Mumbai opens to the ocean, provide a physical framework that organizes and animates a range of collective actions. The booklet contains a score of formal diagrams, drawings that choreograph the actions of couples, families, elderly people, beggars, police and tourists drawn to the margin where the city intersects the water and the sky. A series of photos complements the drawings, depicting the diversity of positions in which bodies sit, stand or flow along the edge, reconfiguring the materiality of the space and producing its unique public character. Read more

dueodde beach

April 26th, 2014


photo (2)

a note from past Session artist David Horvitz:

(there is a beach on the danish island of borhnolm
it’s at the southern most tip of the island
dueodde beach
it is known for its sand
which is so fine
that it was once sought after by hourglass makers)

a box of sand from dueodde beach was mailed from copenhagen to new york city to be used as a small edition for a dinner benefit for recess in red hook, brooklyn.

there is some leftover sand that did not make it inside the editions.

If you send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to:

(for time)
41 Grand Street
New York NY 10013

some sand will be mailed back to you in your envelope. if you don’t live in the us and can’t put return postage on the envelope, just send a self-addressed-unstamped-envelope. maybe someone will be nice. this will happen until there is no more sand.

in an hourglass the displacement of sand is the image of time passing. of duration. (can something in motion be an image? something simultaneously disappearing in one place and appearing in another?) imagine the the postal system as one giant hourglass, with sand moving within it, with time passing. i don’t want to send you sand in an envelope, i want to send you time.

Bystander at The Kitchen

March 20th, 2014



Developed over the course of her Session through a series of interviews with journalists and members of the public, Liz Magic Laser’s Bystander performances, which will takin place at The Kitchen, stages an inverted dialogue between television news and its viewers. Professional newscasters, including NY1’s Roger Clark, former WWOR-TV reporter Maria Trice and former KEYT-TV weatherman Jon Wright, will perform 2014 news highlights interwoven with the personal stories of New Yorkers collected from nearly a hundred interviews. Actors Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Annie Fox and Michael Wiener will contribute news reports as if they were voicing personal opinions. By re-contextualizing the television news scenario as theatrical dialogue, Laser lays bare the mechanisms at play in the presentation and reception of current events. Read more

Arrive in Style with Uber to the Recess Benefit 2014

March 4th, 2014


Recess is thrilled to have partnered with the on demand transportation service Uber to provide new Uber users a free ride (up to $25) to or from the Recess Benefit 2014.

How does it work? Using Uber’s free iPhone/Android/Blackberry 7 app, you can request a pickup and a car driven by a professional driver will show up in minutes. Your credit card is billed directly for your trip and there’s no need to tip, so you won’t need to carry cash. You can even see the car coming towards you on a map!

Follow these simple steps to get $25 off your ride:

1) Download the free Uber iPhone/Android/Blackberry 7 app (or sign up at

2) Enter your information in the Uber app and promo code RecessNY2014 when you sign up.

3) Request a ride 5 – 15 minutes before you need one. $25 will be applied towards your first ride on uberX, UberBLACK, or UberSUV (excluding uberT, expires July 23, US only).

Questions? Check out or email

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